Educational services


Guided tour of the Gusen Memorial

The tour explores the history of the Gusen concentration camp, a branch camp of Mauthausen situated about 4km away. Gusen concentration camp was as large as the main camp in Mauthausen. The tour also covers topics such as the subsequent use of the former camp grounds in Gusen as a housing estate and the question of how the National Socialist past has been dealt with up to the present day.

Tour Gusen: 2 hours, EURO 5,00 / EURO 3,00

Minimum group size: 15

Advance booking required:

Tel: +43 7238 2269-35

Individual visitors and Groups

Audiowalk Gusen

The Audiowalk thematises the submerged memory of a town where the Gusen I and II concentration camps were located during the National Socialist dictatorship.

Minimum age: 14

Tel: +43 7238 2269-22