Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service

Austrian Voluntary Service at memorials to the victims of national socialism

Since 1992, people in Austria who are required to do a civilian service have been able to choose a memorial service (Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service - Gedenkdienst) abroad as an alternative to regular civilian service. Since 2016, the Voluntary Service Act (Freiwilligengesetz) has also made it possible for non-civil servants to participate in funded memorial service, provided that the person has Austrian citizenship or is an EU citizen and has his or her center of life in Austria.

The service lasts between six and twelve months and can be performed worldwide at recognized memorial sites, research centers and educational institutions that deal with the processing of National Socialist crimes.
The aim of the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service is to promote remembrance of the victims of National Socialism. Pedagogical-historical preparation for the assignment is provided by accredited sponsoring organizations.

General information about the Austrian Holocaust Memorial Service

Gedenkdienst, Friedens- und Sozialdienst im Ausland (

Accredited sponsoring associations that offer placements and application opportunities for a Memorial Service


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