Teaching suggestions

Interview with Anna Bergman

The following materials are based on an interview with Anna Bergman carried out as part of the Mauthausen Survivors Documentation Project. The documents contain questions for use as a starting point in discussions of the interview, contextualising materials and information about further areas of study.

Download Dokument Interview mit Anna Bergman (German)

Download Anregungen für den Einsatz von Interviews (German)

Video Anna Bergman (born Kaudrová) - United Kingdom

‘Iakovos Kambanellis remembers’

The educational material ‘Iakovos Kambanellis remembers’, put together by the Mauthausen Memorial, is intended for use in the run-up to a visit the memorial site but could also be used for a more in-depth discussion of the topic following a visit. It contains suggestions for tasks based on a chapter from Iakovos Kambanellis’ memoir Die Freiheit kam im Mai, as well as accompanying texts and images. The tasks are devised so that the pupils, working independently (in small groups), can develop their own ideas and questions which are then fed into the tour of the site or into the follow-up discussion. As well as the materials aimed at pupils, an accompanying letter for teachers is also available to download.

Download Dokument Iakovos Kambanellis erzählt (German)

Downlaod Begleitbrief zu Iakovos Kambanellis erzählt (German)