Visitor Information

This menu item provides information on the areas of responsibility of the Mauthausen Memorial and information on how to plan your visit of the memorial site.

In addition to opening hours and travel options, we also introduce you to our educational offers. These offers are directed at both individual visitors and visitor groups.

In order to gain insight into the Mauthausen concentration camp system, under this menu item you will find - in addition to a virtual tour of the site - descriptions of the exhibitions at the Mauthausen Memorial and information about memorials located at former satellite camps of the Mauthausen Concentration Camp.


Audio guide for smartphone users:

The free Mauthausen audio guide app for Android and iOS is available for download in 12 languages.

We recommend downloading the app prior to one’s visit as there is no full-coverage internet access available on site. After that please start the app and then download the preferred language pack. Once the app and the language pack are downloaded, no more active internet connection is required for use on site. You can visit the Mauthausen Memorial on your own in your preferred language and free of charge.

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