Anna Bergman (born Kaudrová) - United Kingdom

“I was a heavily pregnant skeleton.”

1917 born in Třebechovice pod Orebem near Hradec Králové (Czechoslovakia), grows up in an Czech-Jewish middle class family

1939 due to the German occupation and therefore the closing of Prague University she ceases her law studies; starts apprenticeship as hatmaker

May 1940 marriage with Bernd Nathan, an exiled Jewish architect from Germany

November/December 1941 deportation of the couple to the ghetto Theresienstadt / Terezín; her family will be deported later and murdered in Auschwitz

February 1944 birth of her son Dan, who dies after two months; the same year Anna Bergman gets pregnant a second time

October 1944 Anna Bergman follows her husband voluntarily to Auschwitz, where he is shot in January 1945; Anna Bergman leaves Auschwitz a few days after her arrival to the Freia factory in camp Freiberg near Dresden, a branch camp of the concentration camp Flossenbürg 

April 1945 evacuation and three weeks on a coal waggon to Mauthausen; after arrival birth of her daughter Eva

May 1945 after liberation return to Prague

1948 after the communists come to power emigration to the United Kingdom together with her daughter and her second husband, Karel Bergman

was living in Cardiff, Wales (Great Britain) at the time of the interview.