Bohumil Bardoň - Czech Republic

1910 born in Petřvald (Czechoslovakia); grows up in a Czech family of miners; starts to build a small business company in Radvanice

since 1938 after the German occupation member of the organisation „Silesian Resistance“ in northern Moravia

September 1939 arrested by the Gestapo, imprisoned in Ostrava, Olomouc and Brno

October 1941 deportation to Mauthausen, since 1942 in the camp orchestra

July 1945 after liberation return to Radvanice

1946 witness in the Nuremberg tribunal

1945-1947 inspector of internment camps in the Ostrava district

February 1948 arrested for a short time, after release bus driver, aviation mechanic and clerk in a coal factory until retirement in 1969

2001 publication of his “Memoirs of Colonel Bohumil Bardoň“

At the time of the interview, Bohumil Bardoň lived in Ostrava (Czech Republic)

Bohumil Bardon died in Ostrava in 2006