Eva Lukash (née Kral) - Israel

“I want to remind one of the heaps of dead bodies. They were numerous.“

1926 born in Prague (Czechoslovakia); grows up in a Jewish upper middle-class family

1939 after the German occupation her father is forced to leave his work; she starts an apprenticeship as tailor and joins a communist resistance group

June 1942 arrested following the wave of terror after the assassination of Heydrich; imprisonment in the “small fortress” of Theresienstadt / Terezín 

July 1942 transfer to the „Sammelstelle für Juden“ in Prague, from where she is transported together with her family to the ghetto of Theresienstadt

October 1944 deportation to Auschwitz; after a few weeks together with her mother she is transferred to the camp Freiberg near Dresden, a branch camp of KZ Flossenbürg

March 1945 evacuation of camp Freiberg and transport to Mauthausen together with her mother

May 1945 liberation and return to Prague, she completes her high school diploma and begins to study medicine at Prague University

1949 she marries and emigrates together with her husband to Israel, where she gives birth to two children and works in a chicken farm

1968 after the death of her daughter she starts to work as a medical representative 

lived in Beit Yitzhak (Israel) at the time of the interview