Gábor Bán - Hungary

„It was incredibly difficult to walk hand in hand but we thought it was a stylish thing.”

1926 born in Kiskunhalas (Hungary) as Gábor Weiss; grows up in a Jewish family in Vecsés near Budapest and takes the high school diploma in Kőbánya

1944 after the German occupation he is compelled to forced labour service; his father and brother are also dragged off to forced labour service to the Ukraine, his mother remains in the ghetto and is later deported to Auschwitz

November 1944 deportation to the Austrian-Hungarian border to build the so-called “Südostwall“

March 1945 sent on the death march to Mauthausen and from there to the branch camp Gunskirchen

May 1945 after liberation and two months treatment in a hospital return to Hungary, where he finds that his family survived

from 1950 after graduating at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics as electrical engineer he works in the electric energy industry, he marries and has a son

from 1968 Professor at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics until retiring in 1996; he still conducts research in academic projects; many academic awards he is living in Budapest (Hungary)

lived in Budapest (Hungary) at the time of the interview

Gábor Bán died in Budapest on 27 August 2016.