Miron Erastovitch Abramov - Ukraine

„At liberation I’ll have a portrait of Lenin with me.”

1924 born in Makijivka in the Donec’k district (Ukraine); grows up in a working class family

1941 after the German invasion of the Soviet Union the family should be evacuated but remains in town because of a severe illness of his father

April 1942 captured during a round-up at the market and deported to a labour camp in Weimar, where he is compelled to forced labour in the war industry

August 1944 arrested as member of a resistance organisation of “Ostarbeiter”, imprisonment in the Gestapo prison in Weimar, transferred via Prag to Mauthausen, where he has to work in the quarry, in the end in the camp hospital

May 1945 liberation, afterwards for three months in a Soviet “filtration camp” in Czechoslovakia

July 1945 returns to Makijivka where he completes school

from 1946 studies at the University of Economics in L’viv / Lemberg; afterwards he is sent to the town Zaporižžja / Zaporožje, where he works for the trade and supply department

1955 after several fruitless efforts finally accepted as member of communist party

1967-1985 director of the head office for trade in Zaporižžja

Lived in Zaporižžja (Ukraine) at the time of the interview