Pablo Félix Escribano-Cano - Spain

“You cannot imagine what it means, being exposed to this martyrdom, this extermination and to so much suffering.“

1917 born in Rasueros, province of Ávila (Spain); grows up in a catholic family of farm labourers

from 1930 he learns the profession of a hairdresser at his uncle in Navalperal de Pinares near Ávila

October 1936 after the breakout of the Spanish Civil War escape to Madrid, where he volunteers in the republican army

February 1939 during the conquest of Catalonia by the Franco rebels he escapes to France, where he is in several refugee- and interment camps

August 1940 deportation together with all Spanish republicans of the camp Angoulême (Charente) by the SS to Mauthausen, there he has to work in the quarry, as a hairdresser and in the kitchen

May 1945 liberation and return to France

from 1945 he works in the car factory Renault in Paris-Billancourt until retirement

At the time of the interview, Pablo Escribano was living in Paris, France

Escribano died in 2018