Paul Brusson - Belgium

„Finally, we helped each other..., a group to exchange good news, to comfort...“

1921 born in Ougrée near Liège (Belgium); grows up in a working class family, member of socialist youth organisations

until 1939 takes his master craftsman’s diploma as shoemaker, afterwards he works in Liège
since autumn 1940 he takes part in the resistance movement against the German occupation

April/May 1942 arrested in Ougrée; imprisoned in the forts Huy and Breendonk; deportation to Mauthausen as „Nacht & Nebel-Häftling“, there forced labour in Gusen in the “SS-Schusterei”, in the quarry and for building the tunnels

since March 1943 in the “Häftlings-Schusterei”

June 1944 transferred from Mauthausen to KZ Struthof near Natzwiller (Alsace)

autumn 1944 transport to KZ Dachau and from there in the branch camp Allach in Munich, where he joins a secret organisation of camp prisoners

April/May 1945 liberation and return to Liège

1945/46 he marries and has a daughter

since 1948 he enters the police service in Ougrée

1960-1977 member of the „Commission de l’assistence publique“, since 1970 president

since 1977 chief of police in Liège until his retirement in 1982

since 1980 president of the Belgian „Amicale de Mauthausen“, member and representative of several other organisations of camp prisoners and deportees as well as commemorative organisation

At the time of the interview he is living in Ougrée (Belgium)

Paul Brusson dies on October 27, 2011