Solomon J. Salat - USA

"When I look through the window of my memories I see nothing but tombstones.“

1926 born in Kraków (Poland); grows up in Charsznica near Kraków in a Jewish family, the father owns a store and warehouse

from 1939 after the German occupation compelled to forced labour, attends an illegal school and begins an apprenticeship as a mechanic

September 1942 deportation of the whole Jewish population of Charsznica to Słomniki; is separated from his family, who will later be deported to the death camp Bełżez; together with his father transported to the slave labour- and concentration camp Kraków-Płaszów; his father will be deported to Treblinka

August 1944 transport to Mauthausen, there forced labour in the quarry

September 1944 transfer to the branch camp St. Valentin, there forced labour in the tank factory “Nibelungenwerke”

February 1945 transport to the branch camp Ebensee, there forced labour in the tunnels and at the train station in Attnang-Puchheim

from 1945 after liberation in several DP-camps in Italy, high school diploma in Rome, studies engineering at the University of Bari

1951-54 completes his studies and graduates at the University of Technology Graz

1955 emigration to the USA, where he works for several engineering companies in New York City, marries and has three children

At the time of the interview, he was living in Elizabeth, New Jersey (USA).