Karl Brozik (formerly Abeles) - Germany

„My biography reflects the contradictions of the 20th century in quite a typical way.“

1926 born in Teplice (Czechoslovakia); grows up in a German-Jewish family

1938 after German occupation of the Sudetenland escapes to Prague 

1939 member of a Zionist youth group 

October 1941 deportation to the ghetto Łódź

1942 his parents and his brother die in the ghetto, contacts to the communist resistance movement

summer 1944 deportation to Auschwitz

January 1945 sent on the death march to Mauthausen, there forced labour in the tunnels of Gusen II

May 1945 after liberation return to Teplice

1950 he marries a Jewish survivor of Auschwitz

since 1952 high school diploma and starts studying law at Prague University

until 1959 he works in a national foreign trade organisation; after anti-Semitic motivated dismissals in state organisations head of a producers’ cooperative for arts and crafts

1960 he changes his name to Brozik

1968 after the Soviet intervention in Prague escape to Germany

since 1972 he works for the Jewish Claims Conference Germany

At the time of the interview he is living in Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

Karl Brozik died on 18 August 2004