Leon Ceglarz - Poland

“I was convinced I had to survive.“

1914 born in Płock in the district Mazowieckie (Poland); grows up in difficult economical situation, brought up in respect for patriotic and catholic values

1930s attends teacher’s seminar, begins his work as history teacher in the country’s primary school and gets married

September 1939 after the outbreak of WW II he serves as an officer in the Polish army, comes back home and registers as a farmer

April 1940 arrested in so-called preventive action against Polish intelligentsia, imprisonment in Działdowo and deportation to KZ Dachau

May 1940 transferred with the first Polish transport to Gusen, where he was one of the camp builders (with ID number 102), he went through several working commandos, long time working in the quarry, short before liberation “Hilfschreiber” in Gusen II

May 1945 after liberation return to Poland where he began work in his pre-war profession and started teaching, engaged in re-establishing Polish school system, promoted to a post of school headmaster

since 1950 persecuted and dismissed in the time when Stalinism in Poland reached its peak because of his religious commitment and political opinion

since 1956 after the political changes he regains headmaster’s post in Błonie near Warsaw until retirement

Leon Ceglarz dies on September 25, 2008 in Błonie (Poland).