Nikola Jovanović - Serbia

"I didn’t even know what politics meant.“

1926 born in Donji Petrovci (Serbia); grows up in a poor family of farm and day labourers

January 1943 arrested together with all male inhabitants of his village as hostages of the “Wehrmacht” and transported to the camp Sajmište in Zemun near Belgrade

February 1943 deportation to KZ Mauthausen together with his father and other family members, transfer to Gusen I, forced labour in the quarry; the father is transferred to the branch camp Wiener Neudorf and from there deported to Auschwitz, he will survive and return in June 1945

February 1945 transferred to Gusen II, there forced labour in the tunnels for “Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG”

May 1945 liberation and return in his home village, shortly after first marriage

after 1945 military service, afterwards he works as postman und caretaker

1970s for several years he works as „Gastarbeiter“ in Austria

he is living in Pećinci (Serbia)