Closing of the Participation Process Gusen Memorial


Final report and master plan published

Closing of the Participation Process Gusen Memorial
© Mauthausen Memorial / Julius Sevcik

The concluding event of the participation process for the expansion of the Gusen Memorial took place in St. Georgen an der Gusen on the evening of Wednesday, 11 October 2023, in the presence of many of those who had contributed to it. In a process that has taken one and a half years, regional, national and international interest groups have had the opportunity to come together to present and discuss their expectations and hopes for a new memorial site. The results have been summarised in a final report and transferred to a master plan for the future shaping of the memorial.

The master plan sets out the parameters for the future design of the site. It defines the forms in which the grounds and the existing buildings will be used, presents concepts for making them open and accessible and gives recommendations about new buildings, adaptations to existing buildings and landscaping. In the coming phase, the master plan will serve as the basis for a competition to redesign the Gusen Memorial. A period of eight years has been earmarked for the implementation.

On the morning of 11 October 2023, the Council of Ministers of the Austrian government was already deciding to present a draft for an amendment to the Memorials Act for further debate. The amendment is intended to entrust the Mauthausen Memorial with the expansion and redesign of the Gusen Memorial, which is already under its care, and to guarantee funding for the multi-year design process now due to start.

The further development of the Gusen Memorial is a project of national and international significance. By involving a wide range of diverse organisations and individuals in the discussion process, the Mauthausen Memorial has taken a new path for ensuring the participation of society as a whole in the culture of commemoration and the politics of memory of the crimes of National Socialism.


Download final report and master plan

The final report and master plan as well as the detailed data evaluation are available for download here.

Further information

A recording of the livestream of the closing event and photos from the participation process can be found here.