Mauthausen Memorial as of 1 January 2017


Mauthausen Memorial as of 1 January 2017
(photo credits: Mauthausen Memorial)

By establishing the Federal Institution Mauthausen Memorial on 1 January 2017, an efficient, content-autonomous, non-bureaucratic Institution shall be created, which can be compared to similar institutions on an international level. The legal basis for such establishment is the “Federal Act for Establishing the Federal Institution Mauthausen Memorial (Memorial Act - GStG)“.

An essential objective of this process of reorganisation is to legally enshrine the tasks of the Mauthausen Memorial, so that it can fulfil the requirements of a modern memorial, commemorative and educational site.

In the framework of its new organisational form, the Mauthausen Memorial shall contribute to preserve the public awareness of National Socialist mass crimes and their victims at the former Mauthausen Concentration Camp, in the Gusen Concentration Camp and at all sub-camps. It shall promote societal reflection about the causes and consequences of such crimes, explain their relationship to, and stand against phenomena such as racism, anti-Semitism, xenophobia or genocide.

The necessary legislative preparations were successfully concluded in summer of 2016. The Act shall enter into force on 1 January 2017.

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