In Memoriam Stanislaw Leszczynski


‘We struggled for every day, every hour of our survival, always thinking of our loved ones. But without the help of our comrades, this struggle would have been hopeless.’ (Stanislaw Leszczynski)

In Memoriam Stanislaw Leszczynski
(photo credits: Mauthausen Memorial / Stephan Matyus)

The sad news has reached us from Poland of the death on 24 April 2017 of Dr. Stanislaw Leszczynski at the age of 94.

Stanislaw Leszczynski was born on 29 May 1922 in Lodz in Poland. In 1943 he was deported to the Mauthausen concentration camp, following which he was forced to carry out forced labour in the Gusen concentration camp before being liberated on 5 May 1945.

In the film ‘On the Other Side of Life’, directed by Greta Jamkojian, Stanislaw Leszczynski talked about his ordeal in the Mauthausen concentration camp. Movingly he described his own suffering, that of his comrades and that of his family, who were badly affected by National Socialism.

Stanislaw Leszczynski was vice-president of the CIM, the Comité International de Mauthausen.

Stanislaw Leszczynski will be sadly missed.