World Youth Day 2016 – Mauthausen Memorial as Place of Encounter and Learning


From 26 to 31 July 2016, the XXXI World Youth Day of the Roman-Catholic Church will take place in Krakow, Poland. This important event is attended by young people from all over the world. During their pilgrimage to Krakow, many youth groups will also visit the Mauthausen Memorial. On every day of the last week of July, the visit of up to 1000 young people from all over the world is expeced.

World Youth Day 2016 – Mauthausen Memorial as Place of Encounter and Learning
(photo credits: Mauthausen Memorial / Stephan Matyus)

When visiting the Mauthausen Memorial during their pilgrimage, the young people can avail themselves of an opportunity to confront the history of National Socialism. The Mauthausen Memorial supports the concept of the World Youth Day: to strengthen international solidarity by shared experience. By exchanging personal on-site impressions, a foundation is laid for sharing remembrance of the victims and dealing with history in a responsible manner.

A smartphone app will be available to the young people at the Mauthausen Memorial, which has been available since 06 July 2016 for free download from iTunes and Google Play Stores. The app enables visitors to use their smartphone as audio guide. Virtual map views of the area offer easy on-site orientation and make it possible for the young people to individually deal with the history of the former concentration camp.

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