Mauthausen-Studien 7: Stefan Wolfinger

The seventh volume in the series "Mauthausen-Studien", published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior, focuses on the Mauthausen subcamp in St. Valentin.

Between August 1944 and April 1945, a subcamp of the Mauthausen concentration camp existed in St. Valentin in direct proximity to the ‘Nibelungenwerke’ tank factory. Until now, there has been practically no research on the history of the St. Valentin concentration camp. As part of a research project financed by the Archive of the Mauthausen Memorial, Stefan Wolfinger was able to bring together a range of sources relating to the history of this camp. These materials, which include numerous video interviews with former prisoners, court papers on crimes committed in the camp and SS documents, form the basis for the first comprehensive history of this subcamp.

Around 1,500 prisoners were forced to carry out slave labour producing arms for the company Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG in this subcamp. At least 300 of those deported to St. Valentin did not survive imprisonment in the Mauthausen concentration camp system.